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My astrology students are always badgering me for examples : what do the sign energies feel like, what do the planets look like, how does this position act out. True, the old texts as we know them are pretty dry reading sometimes and don't really touch us as we're studying, so the idea came to me to draw out illustrations of all sorts and create what became a seminar on my favorites, Venus and Mars. I plunged into my fondest souvenirs of art works, stories from well-known literature and mythology, parallels drawn from the Tarot, any recollection that had reminded me of the attitudes of my planets in the different signs, with the idea of making these attitudes feel real and vibrant. Desire and Design is the end product of this research. There are more than 80 art reproductions illustrating the colors, gestures and personalities of Venus and Mars in each zodiacal sign ; there are dozens of literary and cultural references describing their actions and attitudes ; and, to make these imagined positions pertinent, there are over a hundred natal chart analyses of famous and infamous people through history and up to the present day, showing the impact these positions have had on their choices and actions. It is with pride and pleasure that I present Desire and Design to astrology lovers of all levels.

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