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Welcome to my web site !

As unaccustomed as I am to speaking into space, and about myself, I finally feel the desire and need to tell you cyberwanderers a little about who I am and what I do. I come from Kansas City, Missouri where I was trained as a dental hygienist, and I worked in the US four years before taking a « temporary » job in Geneva, Switzerland. « Temporary » became permanent in this delightful city where all the cultural offerings of Europe are just a short hop away ; I feel very spoiled and happy to be settled here and constantly amazed by the beautiful and enlightening sights around me.

I came to astrology in 1977, intrigued by a very brief but astonishing glimpse at a few astrological profiles during a tarot card reading. At the insistence of this tarologue, I wandered into a beginners' class---and fell in head over heels. Through the five years of study I understood so much of my own habits, mistakes, strong and weak points ; I managed to accomplish my own psychotherapy, painlessly and with a sense of insertion into the « big scheme » that I absolutely wanted to share with others. That, I think, is the beauty of the astrological art : the idea of order, patterns in time, synchronization of separate cycles, then taking all this and applying it to the unfolding of a life. It is this elegant pattern that I seek to show my clients in consultation, with the idea of helping them orient their choices and actions and profit from planetary cycles. It all begins, though, with a thorough study and understanding of the natal chart---who I am, where I come from, where I am supposed to be going, where are the springs forward and the fallbacks and how to negotiate and profit from these. It's fascinating and every time a rewarding pleasure. I love my work !

By 1983 I was praticing and also teaching astrology, and I have found constant pleasure in this renewal and revision process. My students ask such rude questions ! I have to dig, reword, rethink and readapt all the old « givens » all the time in this fast-changing world and the exercise is excellent ! It is with them in mind that I planned the seminar on Venus and Mars through the zodiac, that became Desire and Design, A Look at Venus and Mars in Action. My book came out in February 2014 and you can see details on the followingpage.

For thirty years I've been asked regularly why I use this image on my professional cards and stationery ; its very nautical aspect doesn't seem to rhyme with the practice of astrology in the eyes of most people. And yet for me this atmosphere represents every thing my approach to astrology stands for. The four elements (fire, earth, air and water) are there in harmony and at our disposition. Then through the understanding of the actions and possibilities of these elements in our lives, and the discovery of our own unique potential through the study of our astrological givens, we can become free to « sail our own ship » and chart our own special destiny. It's this liberty to be oneself that I desire for each of my astrology clients.